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SanDisk Extreme 3D Animation

I worked on this video through HiLo Media and collaborated with marketing firm Apogii from San Francisco. It is a 3D animation of the SanDisk Extreme SSD portable hard drive.

What's unique about this video was the workflow. I took a CAD Model from Western Digital, one used to actually produce the SSD drive. Then we went to great lengths to set up the thousands of individual parts for video via organization, some additional 3D modelling, texturing, and lighting. We worked in Cinema 4D to set up the scenes.

Additional 3D scenes were created with the After Effects plugin Element 3D, a "lighter" 3D environment used for some of the extreme closeups and the shots with other devices (laptop, Android device, etc).

Finally, everything was edited together with music to create a dramatic overall feel, which was the goal of the video. Our team and the client were happy with the result.