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I've been a multimedia professional for over twenty years.

My professional journey started as a musician and office manager of a commercial recording studio in the 90's and early 2000's.

The work there sparked my longtime love of Apple Computers, audio engineering, and editing.

A sidestep into a job at a commercial video production company began my professional video career.

There I worked through many aspects of video production but mainly focused on post-production.

I was a Final Cut Pro video editor in the early days of digital video.

Plus I had found myself as the voiceover artist on many TV commercials, web videos, and broadcast TV spots.

While working there, it was the early days of podcasting.

I was bitten by the bug and started the Mac Pro Podcast, a weekly audio show about producing media on the Mac.

I was joined by my coworker and pal Chuck as we sidestepped to video and we created a weekly video podcast for a few years.

I started being approached by clients to product podcasts for them so I decided to go independent and start my own production company.

I joined forces with Chuck and we became HiLo Media.

We specialize(d) in app videos, animations in addition to traditional video production, mostly for developers.

Unrelated to our work in tech, we also excelled at culinary video production - creation of food-related content.

We produced a travel / cooking show series for PBS.

We were subsequently hired to create branded marketing content for Whole Foods Market, where we travelled all over the USA and Canada creating short web videos about different Whole Foods farmers and vendors.

It was during this time that I found a love of professional color grading, both on our projects and as a colorist for music videos, documentaries, short films and feature films.

I currently continue my work with HiLo media. Our main gig is creating tutorial and marketing video content for FxFactory, who makes audio and video effects for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, and more.

I've also fostered a love for Python programming, particularly web development with the Django framework.

Joseph Nilo