SetApp provides a variety of applications under one subscription.

This article explains how to benefit from the SetApp Student Discount that reduces the subscription cost by 50%.

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How to Get Your SetApp Student Discount

With a valid student email, you can get a 50% discount on SetApp's regular pricing.

It's not just a saving; it's access to many applications designed to enhance productivity and ease academic tasks.

What Does SetApp Offer?

SetApp has a range of applications for different academic needs.

It aids in writing, managing budgets, and exam preparation.

The advantage is having all necessary tools in one place.


Claiming Your Discount

Claiming your discount is simple.

Sign up with your educational email, and you unlock a year's access to SetApp for $59.88.

It's about making essential resources affordable.

Using SetApp for Better Academic Performance

SetApp is a useful resource on your academic journey.

With apps like Ulysses and MindNode, it provides a conducive environment for learning and excelling.

Who is Eligible?

The discount is available globally.

Whether your email ends with *.edu, *, or another educational domain, you qualify for a discount.


Best SetApp Apps for Students

SetApp’s collection is a treasure trove for students.

Here are some apps and their features that could be beneficial for your academic journey:


A powerful writing app that helps in organizing notes, documents, and projects in one place. Its distraction-free interface is perfect for drafting essays or taking lecture notes.


MindNode is an intuitive app for creating mind maps. It's great for brainstorming, planning essays, and visualizing complex concepts.


A clipboard manager that stores everything you copy. It's handy for managing references, images, and texts you'll need for your assignments.

NitroPDF Pro

An app for managing PDFs, which is essential for reading academic papers and textbooks. It allows you to edit, annotate, and sign PDF documents.


A flexible calendar app that helps in managing your academic schedule, tracking assignments, exams, and project deadlines.

Be Focused

A time management app that employs thePomodoro Technique to help you stay focused and manage your study sessions effectively.

iStat Menus

Monitor your Mac’s performance to ensure it runs smoothly during crucial times like online exams or project submissions.

Each app within the SetApp collection is designed to address specific needs, making it a valuable resource for students.

By using the SetApp Student Discount, you not only save money but also gain access to tools that can significantly boost your academic performance.

SetApp Student and Educator Discount FAQ

How do I get the SetApp Student Discount?

Sign up with your educational email, verify it, and activate the discount for a yearly subscription of $59.88.

What apps are included in the SetApp subscription?

SetApp has a variety of apps covering writing, research, productivity, and more to support academic pursuits.

Is the discount applicable to educators?

Yes, educators can also avail the SetApp discount, facilitating a mutual growth of knowledge and resources.

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