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What is Wondershare Filmora?

You've seen the term 'Filmora' flash across your screen a couple of times, and now you're curious.

You're interested in video editing software and not sure what' easiest for beginners, so you're curious.

What exactly is this thing called Filmora?

Well, you're in the right place to find out.

Filmora is a product of Wondershare, a software company that specializes in creating digital media software.

Wondershare Filmora is a video editing software that has gained popularity due to its simplicity and range of features.

Whether you're a newbie who's just delving into the world of video editing or an experienced editor looking for a reliable tool, Filmora has something for you.

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Filmora UI

Intuitive Interface and Basic Editing Tools

One of the standout features of Filmora is its intuitive interface.

When you launch the program, you'll encounter light gray window borders and a straightforward layout that eases you into the video editing process.

You'll find a timeline view that makes managing multiple timelines a breeze, which is crucial when you need to add multiple layers, mix video clips or rotate video clips.

Filmora is also your go-to if you're looking to create incredible videos from your footage.

It supports videos of varying formats and offers a video preview window that lets you keep track of your progress as you edit videos.


Filmora X Features List

  • Assets Backup & Sync
  • Avatar Presentation
  • Audio Ducking
  • Silence Detection
  • Auto Synchronization
  • Speech to Text (STT)
  • Text to Speech (TTS)
  • Audio Visualizer
  • AI Audio Stretch
  • AI Audio Denoise
  • Video Effects
  • Green Screen
  • Mask & Blend
  • AI Portrait
  • Boris FX
  • NewBlue FX
  • Remove Video Background

Latest Version: What's New in Filmora 13

AI Copilot Editing: Interactive AI assists with efficient video editing tasks through conversation.

AI Text-Based Editing: Transcribes audio into text for document-style video editing.

AI Music Generator: Creates royalty-free music tailored to emotions, themes, and durations.

AI Thumbnail Creator: Identifies key frames for thumbnail creation with social media templates.

AI Text-To-Video: Transforms text into videos using stock media and audio elements.

AI Vocal Remover: Extracts or removes vocals from music without audio quality loss.

Compound Clip: Groups multiple clips, tracks, and effects for streamlined editing.

AI Smart Masking: Automatically generates masks around subjects for creative possibilities.

Playback Speed Shortcuts: Reviews footage quickly to find key segments.

Slow Motion with Optical Flow: Creates smooth slow-motion effects with AI-enhanced frame interpolation.

Pro Video Scopes: Offers precise color analysis tools for consistent video color accuracy.

Keyframe Graph Editor: Fine-tunes animations for realistic motion sequences.

Customizable Backgrounds: Adjusts aspect ratios and applies custom images for stylish finishes.

Effect Collections: Curated selections of music, titles, and effects for video enhancement.

Optimized Screen Recording: Facilitates screen recording with flexible webcam placement and separate tracks.

Markers: Defines start and end points in footage for precise content selection.

AI Skin Tone Protection: Maintains skin tone integrity during editing, enhancing human skin hues.


Advanced Editing Features

Looking to step up your editing game? Filmora has got you covered.

Wondershare Filmora is a user-friendly video editing software that is packed with a variety of advanced features.

Here are some notable ones:

  1. Batch Edit: This feature allows users to apply edits to multiple clips or media files at once, which can significantly speed up the editing process.
  2. Assets Backup & Sync: This feature helps in backing up and syncing your media assets, preventing loss of data and enabling you to edit your project across different devices.
  3. Avatar Presentation: This tool aids in creating animated presentations or videos, providing an engaging way to convey information.
  4. Audio Ducking, Silence Detection, and Auto Synchronization: These features provide advanced control over the audio in your videos. Audio Ducking lowers the volume of background music during dialogues or voiceovers. Silence Detection identifies and removes silent sections, and Auto Synchronization aligns audio and video tracks that were recorded separately.
  5. Speech to Text (STT) and Text to Speech (TTS): STT converts spoken words into written text, useful for creating subtitles or transcripts, while TTS does the opposite, converting written text into spoken words.
  6. AI Audio Stretch and AI Audio Denoise: These features leverage AI technology to manipulate and improve the audio quality of your videos. AI Audio Stretch can adjust the duration of audio clips without distorting the sound, and AI Audio Denoise helps reduce background noise.
  7. Video Effects, Green Screen, Mask & Blend: These features allow users to apply a wide range of visual effects to their videos, use a green screen for special effects, and blend or mask layers to create unique visual compositions.
  8. AI Portrait, Boris FX, NewBlue FX: AI Portrait separates subjects from their background without a green screen, Boris FX and NewBlue FX are extensive libraries of special effects and transitions.
  9. Remove Video Background: This feature automatically removes the background from your video clips, allowing you to replace it with something else.
  10. Motion Tracking and Keyframing: Motion tracking allows you to track the movement of an object in a video and apply that movement to another object or effect. Keyframing gives you detailed control over the animation and movement of objects in your video.
  11. Smart Cutout tool: This is an AI-powered tool that allows you to mask and remove certain portions of your video, similar to using Photoshop.

Despite its many features, Filmora does not have multicam editing or VR capabilities, and its video stabilizer feature is considered weaker compared to its competitors. However, it has a pleasing interface and offers a lot of effects for a reasonable price, making it an excellent choice for enthusiasts and beginners​.


Special Effects and Animations

Filmora is a powerhouse when it comes to special effects and animations.

It allows you to create high-quality videos complete with cool animations and fantastic filters.

With Filmora, you can transform simple video clips into stunning masterpieces and create videos that grab attention.

Sound Editing and Music

Good video editing software recognizes the importance of sound, and Filmora is no different.

It comes with a built-in sound effects library and an audio mixer that lets you fine-tune your audio to perfection. You can add music and even mark audio beats automatically to extract music to sync with your video.

Filmora Pro

For those who want more advanced features, there's Filmora Pro.

This upgraded version includes all-in-one keyframe options, auto captions, and advanced color correction.

It's the perfect video editor for those who are serious about their own movies and video projects.


My Review of Wondershare Filmora

As a professional video editor with over 20 years of experience, I recently tried out Wondershare Filmora.

My initial impressions were quite positive.

Filmora stands out for its user-friendly interface and a comprehensive range of features that cater well to beginners.

It's an excellent alternative to more expensive professional video suites.

For someone just starting in video editing, Filmora provides an intuitive platform.

Its simplicity makes the learning curve much less steep compared to other advanced software.

Features like AI-assisted editing and a vast effects library are quite impressive.

They allow newcomers to create polished videos without getting overwhelmed.

However, as a seasoned editor, I find that Filmora doesn't quite replace Premiere Pro or Davinci Resolve for my professional needs.

These platforms offer a level of control and depth that suits complex editing tasks.

But Filmora has its unique strengths.

Its AI features and user-centric design are particularly noteworthy.

In conclusion, I recommend Filmora for beginners in video editing.

Its blend of simplicity, affordability, and powerful features makes it a solid starting point.

While it won't replace professional-grade tools for experienced editors, it certainly has its place in the video editing software landscape.

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Wondershare Filmora Video Editor Frequently Asked Questions

Is Filmora fully free?

Filmora is not fully free. It does have a free version, but it leaves a watermark on the output video. To remove the watermark and access additional features, you need to purchase the software.

How much does Filmora cost?

Filmora X is available at $69.99 per year for the annual plan, $99.87 for a lifetime license, and $155.88 per year for the unlimited plan. The exact price may vary, and you should check the Filmora website for the most current pricing.

Is Filmora good for beginners?

Yes, Filmora is good for beginners. It offers a pleasing interface and a variety of effects. The software is designed to be user-friendly and even provides tutorials to help beginners get started.

Is Filmora safe and legit?

Filmora is safe and legit. It is a well-established product from Wondershare, a company known for its range of creative and productivity software.

Is Filmora 9 free?

Filmora 9, like other versions of Filmora, can be downloaded and used for free, but it leaves a watermark on the output video. To remove the watermark, you need to purchase the software.

Is Filmora 9 without watermark?

No, the free version of Filmora 9 leaves a watermark on the output video. To remove the watermark, you need to purchase the software.

Can you still buy Filmora 9?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, you should still be able to buy Filmora 9, but it's generally recommended to purchase the latest version of the software to take advantage of new features and improvements. Please check the official Filmora website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Is Filmora 9 a virus?

No, Filmora 9 is not a virus. It's a legitimate video editing software product from Wondershare.

Is Filmora really free?

Filmora can be downloaded and used for free, but the free version leaves a watermark on the output video. To remove the watermark and access additional features, you need to purchase the software.

How do I remove Filmora watermark for free?

The watermark that appears in videos edited with the free version of Filmora can only be removed by purchasing the software.

Is Filmora video editor free?

Filmora video editor can be downloaded and used for free, but the free version leaves a watermark on the output video clip. To remove the watermark and access additional features, you need to purchase the software.

Can I download Filmora without watermark?

You can download and use Filmora for free, but the free version leaves a watermark on the output video. To use Filmora without the watermark, you need to purchase the software.

Do Youtubers use Filmora?

While some YouTubers may use Filmora due to its ease of use and range of effects, it is not the only video editing software used by YouTubers. The choice of video editing software for a YouTube video can vary widely depending on the specific needs and preferences of the content creator.

Is Wondershare Filmora X free to use?

Wondershare Filmora X can be downloaded and used for free, but the free version leaves a watermark on the output video. To remove the watermark, save videos and access additional features, you need to purchase the software.

How much does Filmora X cost?

Filmora X is available at $69.99 per year for the annual plan, $99.87 for a lifetime license, and $155.88 per year for the unlimited plan. The exact price may vary, and you should check the Filmora website for the most current pricing.

What is the difference between Filmora and Filmora X?

Filmora X is an updated version of Filmora. It includes all the features of Filmora and adds some new features like motion tracking, keyframing, and color match, and enhancements like an improved preview rendering and more efficient CPU usage.

What is Wondershare Filmora X used for?

Wondershare Filmora X is used for video editing. It offers a range of features that make it easy for users to create high-quality videos. These features include standard trimming, transitions, and overlays, as well as more advanced features like motion tracking, keyframing, and speech-to-text. The software also includes a variety of effects and a pleasing interface, making it a popular choice for both beginners and more advanced users​​.

Is Filmora video editor really free?

Can I use Filmora? All of the tools available to editing in Cinemaora are completely free, but the video export may contain watermarks on the image. Watermark on videos can be removed without a subscriber.

Is Filmora a good video editor?

A very good and simple video editing app and software. Its simplicity in delivering video editing software makes Filmora an ideal choice for those seeking affordable and user-friendly software for a variety of projects.

Does Filmora still have a watermark?

There's one difference between a free trial of Filmora and a paid version: the exported video is protected with the Filmora Watermark. You are using the free trial software for exporting a film without the watermarks.

Is Filmora 11 free?

All of Filmora's full-featured editing software is free to use and will also include a watermark in exports.

Can I upgrade Filmora 11 to 12 for free?

The Perpetual License is the one-time plan. You can download free updates in the paid version but you don't have major upgrade plans, requiring you to buy the latest version.

Is Filmora 11 a good editing software?

It offers an intuitive interface, a wide variety of features with built- in effects and templates, a low price and an intuitive user interface.

Is Filmora a good editor?

Overall, Filmora provides an excellent alternative for those seeking affordable editing solutions with a high level of support and flexibility in delivering quality output

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