Adobe After Effects has always been the go-to software for motion graphics and visual effects.

With the release of Version 24, it's clear that Adobe is committed to keeping After Effects at the forefront of this industry.

Let's delve into the latest features that make this version an excellent update.

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Next-Generation Rotoscoping with Enhanced Roto Brush

The new Next-Gen Roto Brush is powered by a cutting-edge AI model, making object extraction from footage quicker and more accurate than before.

This feature drastically reduces the need for manual corrections, even in complex scenarios like overlapping objects or tricky footage like hair and transparencies.

My Take:

Have you ever spent waaaay too much time manually adjusting a rotoscope, moving frame by frame and adding and subtracting to the matte? If this works as advertised, it's a huge time saver.


OpenColorIO Workflow Enhancements

After Effects 24 brings notable improvements to color processing with the introduction of OCIO Look Transform and OCIO CDL Transform under the Color Correction category.

These effects, powered by OpenColorIO, are available without requiring any project-level color management settings.

My Take:

I don't to VFX for feature films, I do mostly corporate work, but Color Space enhancements are welcome and likely save a lot of hair-pulling for the folks that need it.

The Color Space Transform can likely benefit anyone who wants more color information for processing. I use CST's in Davinci Resolve when doing color grading.

You add a CST at the beginning of the chain and set it to a color space with a lot more gamut available in it, like ACES. Then you add a CST at the end of the chain and bring it back down to whatever the delivery color space is . . . usually Rec. 709.


New Scripting Hooks for Text and Font Manipulation

The latest version expands scripting capabilities, especially around text and font manipulation.

With new hooks, it aligns scripting possibilities closer to what's available in the After Effects UI.

Two notable additions are the Fonts Object and the Font Object, which provide extensive information and control over the font environment and specific fonts respectively.

Additional Updates

Support for HEVC and H264 on Intel Discrete Graphics Cards

Performance gets a significant boost with hardware decoding and encoding support for H264/HEVC files on Intel Discrete Graphics (Intel Arc) cards.

Hardware Acceleration for R3D on Windows

There's now GPU hardware decode acceleration for RED's R3D raw format on Windows, extending the already available support on macOS. This feature is compatible with NVIDIA and AMD GPUs boasting 6 GB or more of GPU memory.

After Effects 24 Update FAQ

What's the significance of Next-Gen Roto Brush in After Effects 24?

The Next-Gen Roto Brush feature, powered by a new AI model, greatly enhances the rotoscoping process by extracting objects from footage with higher accuracy and speed, reducing the need for manual corrections especially in complex scenarios.

How do the OpenColorIO Workflow Enhancements benefit color processing?

The OpenColorIO Workflow Enhancements introduce two new effects under the Color Correction category, OCIO Look Transform and OCIO CDL Transform, that facilitate better color processing without requiring project-level color management settings.

What do the new scripting hooks for text and font manipulation entail?

These new scripting hooks align scripting possibilities closer to the functionalities available within the After Effects UI, providing more control and information over the font environment and specific fonts through the Fonts Object and Font Object.

How does the additional hardware acceleration support improve performance?

The support for hardware decoding and encoding of H264/HEVC files on Intel Discrete Graphics cards and GPU hardware decode acceleration for RED's R3D raw format on Windows significantly boost the app's performance, ensuring smoother operations especially in rendering and playback tasks.

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Joseph Nilo has been working professionally in all aspects of audio and video production for over twenty years. His day-to-day work finds him working as a video editor, 2D and 3D motion graphics designer, voiceover artist and audio engineer, and colorist for corporate projects and feature films.