Adobe Character Animator is a program within the Adobe Creative Cloud suite that allows users to animate 2D characters in real time using their own facial expressions and movements.

This program uses motion capture technology, allowing for a more realistic animation experience.

It also has integration with other Adobe programs like Adobe Photoshop and After Effects for further editing capabilities.

With its user-friendly interface and versatile animation options, Character Animator has become popular among animators for both individual projects and professional productions.

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What Are the Main Features of Character Animator?

Some of the main features of Adobe Character Animator include:

  • Lip sync and facial movements using your own facial expressions
  • Ability to record dialogue and add it to your animation
  • Integration with other Adobe apps for editing capabilities
  • Real time animation
  • Customizable puppets and character templates
  • Multiple scene options for creating dynamic animations.

Recent Updates to Adobe Character Animator

Character Animator 23.0 Update

Adobe introduced Character Animator 23.0, expanding its capabilities to full-body animation with a built-in library of over 350 motion-capture moves, enhancing the realism of puppet-style animations​​.

Character Animator 23.1 Update

The 23.1 update improved performance by switching the API for GPU acceleration and added a Strength parameter to the Motion Library, allowing more control over mocap moves​​.

Character Animator 23.6 Update

In August 2023, Adobe released Character Animator 23.6, enabling editable replays and custom background images in Starter mode, providing more flexibility in animation editing and use​​.

How Much Does Adobe Character Animator Cost?

Adobe Character Animator is included in Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions, starting at $20.99 per month for a single app subscription or $52.99 per month for the all apps plan.

You can also download Adobe Character Animator as part of the Adobe Animation and Illustration bundle for $52.99 per month.

Adobe's Creative Cloud subscription includes everything else you need to create character animation movies, like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Audition.


History of Adobe Character Animator

Adobe Character Animator was first introduced as a technology preview in 2015 and officially launched in 2016.

It has gone through multiple updates and improvements since then, with the latest update being the 2020 release.

Prior to Adobe Character Animator, Adobe had another 2D animation program called Adobe Flash (now Adobe Animate).

However, Character Animator offers more advanced technology and capabilities for animating characters in real time.

Adobe Character Animator System Requirements

In order to run Adobe Character Animator, users need a computer with an Intel or AMD multi-core processor, 8GB of RAM, and at least 4GB of available hard-disk space.

Users also need a webcam for motion capture technology and microphone for recording dialogue. The program is compatible with both Windows 10 and Mac OS versions 10.12 through 13.x.

What Are Some Alternatives to Adobe Character Animator?

Some alternatives to Adobe Character Animator include Toon Boom Harmony, Moho (formerly Anime Studio), and TVPaint Animation.

There is a bit of overlap with Adobe Animate, which is Adobe's 2D cartoon animation software.

Each of these programs offer different animation capabilities and pricing options, so it is important for users to research and compare their options before making a decision.


What OS Platforms is Adobe Character Animator Available On?

Adobe Character Animator is currently only available for Windows 10 and Mac OS versions 10.12 through 13.x.

It is not available on mobile platforms or Linux operating systems at this time.

However, users can access their projects from any device through Adobe Creative Cloud.

Why Use Adobe Character Animator?

Adobe Character Animator offers a wide range of animation capabilities and integration with other Adobe programs.

It also has a user-friendly interface and the ability to animate in real time using motion capture technology.

Overall, Adobe Character Animator can be a valuable tool for animators looking to bring their 2D characters to life in unique


How Do I Create an Animated Character with Adobe Character Animator?

There are multiple ways to create a character in Adobe Character Animator.

One option is to use the pre-made templates and customize them with your own designs or artwork imported from Photoshop.

Another option is to create a puppet using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, then import it into Character Animator and add movements and actions.

You can also use a webcam to record and animate your own facial expressions with real time body tracking.

Overall, the process for creating an animated character will vary depending on your specific goals and the techniques you choose to use. It is important to do some research and experimentation before starting your project.


What File Format are Adobe Character Animator Projects In?

Adobe Character Animator projects are saved in the .chproj file format.

This format can only be opened and edited using Adobe Character Animator.

However, users also have the option to export their projects as video files in various formats, including MP4 and GIF.

This allows for easy sharing and viewing of the animations by others.

Where Can I Find More Resources for Adobe Character Animator?

Additional resources for Adobe Character Animator can be found on the Adobe website, as well as through online tutorials and community forums.

Users can also find a wide range of puppet templates and other assets on the Adobe Exchange website.

Adobe also offers free training courses through their Adobe Education Exchange platform.

Does Adobe Character Animator Have Built In Character Templates?

Yes, Adobe Character Animator does have built in character templates.

These can be found in the "Puppets" menu and offer a great starting point for creating your own animations.

Users also have the option to import their own character designs from Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, or create puppets with performance capture using a webcam and motion capture body tracking.


Is Adobe Sensei AI Integrated into Character Animator?

Adobe Sensei AI, Adobe's artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, is integrated into Character Animator.

This technology helps improve the accuracy and realism of facial expressions, lip syncing, and animation playback.

What Does the Puppet Maker Do?

The Puppet Maker in Adobe Character Animator allows users to create their own custom puppets using Photoshop or Illustrator art assets.

This tool offers various options for adding movements and actions to the puppet, so you can animate characters with ease.

Adobe also allows you to download free puppet templates from their site. Their free puppets are designed in a variety of styles like popular cartoon characters.

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