Understanding Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a fantastic service from Adobe that offers a ton of high-quality assets, including royalty-free images, videos, 3D assets, templates, and music tracks.

It's a treasure trove of creative resources, perfectly suited for designers, marketers, and corporate presentations.

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Adobe Stock Website

The Adobe Stock Website

You can access Adobe Stock directly via the Adobe Stock website.

The site offers a search bar where users can find Adobe Stock assets using relevant keywords or phrases.

Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Apps

One of the greatest advantages of Adobe Stock is its seamless integration with Creative Cloud apps.

This means that you, as a Creative Cloud member, can easily access and use Adobe Stock assets right within your favourite Adobe apps, such as Adobe Photoshop.


Free and Paid Adobe Stock Assets

Adobe Stock offers both free and paid assets.

The free collection provides a limited range of assets that can be used without any cost.

Paid premium assets can, on the other hand, offer a much larger variety and are often more unique and high quality.

Adobe Stock Images and Adobe Stock License

Every asset available on Adobe Stock, whether it's Adobe Stock images or videos, comes with a license.

Adobe Stock licenses come in two types - standard and extended.

The type of license you need depends on how you intend to use the asset.


Adobe Stock Subscription Plans

Adobe Stock offers various subscription plans.

These range from a few assets per month to an extensive collection of premium images every month.

Each subscription comes with a specific number of licenses.

Adobe Stock Pricing

The cost of Adobe Stock varies depending on the type of asset and the licensing requirements.

Adobe Stock pricing can be as simple as buying credit packs for a few assets or as extensive as purchasing a yearly subscription for numerous assets.

Adobe Stock Pricing Table for Individuals

Subscription Type Assets per Month Price per Month Price per Asset (Image/Video)
Monthly Subscription 3 assets $29.99 $9.99 per image
25 assets $69.99 $2.79 per image / $22.39 per HD video
40 assets $99.99 $2.49 per image / $14.99 per HD video
750 assets $249.99 $0.33 per image / $9.99 per HD video
Yearly Subscription (Paid Monthly) 10 assets $29.99 $2.99 per image / $23.99 per video
25 assets $49.99 $1.99 per image / $15.99 per video
40 assets $79.99 $1.99 per image / $11.99 per video
750 assets $199.99 $0.26 per image / $7.99 per video

Adobe Stock Credit Packs

Credit Pack Size Price Cost per Credit
5 credits $49.95 $9.99 per credit
16 credits $149.99 $9.37 per credit
40 credits $359.99 $8.99 per credit
80 credits $669.99 $8.37 per credit
150 credits $1,200 $8.00 per credit

Credit packs can be used for standard images, premium images, HD videos, and 4K videos, with prices per asset varying based on the asset type.

Other Pricing Details

  • Standard License Price: $0.26 – $9.99 per image
  • Enhanced License Price: $0.26 – $149.00 per image
  • Extended License Price: From $79.99 per image
  • Premium Images: $96.00 – $149.99 per image
  • Subscription Video Price: $7.99 – $22.39 per HD video
  • On-Demand Video Price: $66.67 – $74.99 per HD video
  • 4K Video Price: $171.42 – $179.99 per 4K video

Adobe Stock and Creative Cloud Subscription

If you are a Creative Cloud user, Adobe Stock could be an added benefit of creative cloud membership.

Some Creative Cloud subscriptions include limited access to Adobe Stock. However, the full Adobe Stock service with unrestricted access to all assets comes at an additional cost.

Adobe Stock Free Trial

Adobe Stock offers a free trial to first-time users. This trial allows users to explore the service and download a limited number of assets for free.

Once the trial period is over, users can choose to subscribe to a plan or pay per asset.


How to Access Adobe Stock in Creative Cloud

Adobe Stockcan be accessed directly from Creative Cloud desktop apps.

You can search for and download assets directly in your creative process, making it easy to integrate Adobe Stock into your creative cloud app and your workflow.

Adobe Stock for Graphic Designers

Graphic designers can significantly benefit from Adobe Stock.

The service offers a wide range of graphic resources, including vector and motion graphics templates and social media graphics.

It also offers templates for Adobe Creative Suite programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Spark.

Adobe Stock Library and Quality

Adobe Stock's library is one of the largest creative cloud libraries available, with premium photos and stock videos.

The assets are curated and of high quality, making Adobe Stock a valuable tool for creative projects.

Selling on Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock isn't just a marketplace for buyers; it's also a platform for sellers.

Photographers, videographers, and designers can sell their high-quality assets on Adobe Stock and earn a commission on each sale.


Who is Adobe Stock For?

Adobe Stock for Web Designers

Adobe Stock is a valuable resource for web designers. The service's extensive selection of images, vector graphics, and templates can enhance any web design project.

Adobe Stock assets can be used for website backgrounds, banner images, illustrations, and iconography.

Also, Adobe Stock's seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud apps such as Adobe XD and Dreamweaver simplifies the design process.

Adobe Stock for Content Creators and Social Media Managers

Content creators and social media managers often need a steady stream of engaging visuals to capture audience attention.

Adobe Stock provides high-quality photos, videos, and animations that can elevate social media posts, blog articles, YouTube videos, and Instagram stories.

The platform's diversity of assets allows content creators to maintain a fresh and engaging presence on various social platforms.

Adobe Stock for Photographers and Videographers

Photographers and videographers can utilize Adobe Stock not only as a resource but also as a platform to showcase and monetize their work.

By contributing to Adobe Stock, they can reach a global audience and earn royalties.

Moreover, Adobe Stock's quality standards can help photographers and videographers continually enhance their skills and produce more marketable work.

Adobe Stock for Businesses and Marketing Teams

Businesses and marketing teams can leverage Adobe Stock to create compelling visual content for advertising campaigns, branding efforts, product launches, and promotional materials.

Adobe Stock's assets can be used for various formats, including print, digital, and video.

Plus, with Adobe Stock's licensing options, businesses can use these assets confidently, knowing they comply with copyright laws.


Deep Dive into Adobe Stock's Features

Adobe Stock's Search and Discovery Features

Adobe Stock's search functionality allows users to find assets using keywords.

But it goes beyond that by offering features like visual search and filters for asset type, orientation, color, and more.

These features simplify the process of finding the perfect asset for your creative project.

Adobe Stock's Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Stock's integration with Adobe Creative Cloud is one of its standout features.

You can access Adobe Stock directly from apps like Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and After Effects.

This integration allows you to try out assets in your projects before purchasing them, streamlining your creative process.

Adobe Stock's Licensing and Usage Rights

Understanding Adobe Stock's licensing is crucial for legal and appropriate use of assets.

Adobe Stock offers two types of licenses - Standard and Extended.

The Standard License covers most common usage scenarios, while the Extended License is needed for larger print runs or merchandise use.

Tips for Maximizing Your Adobe Stock Experience

Making the Most of Adobe Stock's Free Assets

Adobe Stock's free collection, though limited, can be a valuable resource. These free assets can supplement your projects or serve as placeholders during the design process.

Understanding Adobe Stock's Asset Quality

Adobe Stock maintains high quality standards for its assets. The platform features high-resolution images and HD/4K videos, which ensures that the assets you incorporate into your projects will look professional and polished.

Harnessing Adobe Stock's Search Features

Make full use of Adobe Stock's advanced search features. This includes the ability to search by color, orientation, and asset type, which can save you time and effort in finding the perfect asset.

Getting Creative with Adobe Stock's Diverse Assets

Adobe Stock isn't just for photos. Explore the platform's wide range of assets, including vector graphics, videos, templates, templates and 3D, models, and music. These diverse assets can bring a unique and engaging element to your creative projects.


Adobe Stockis an extensive, high-quality resource for various creative professionals and teams. Its seamless integration with Adobe the Creative Cloud platform, vast selection of assets, flexible subscription plans, and robust search features make it an indispensable tool for creativity and productivity.

Adobe Stock FAQ

Is Adobe Stock a buy or sell?

Whether to buy or sell Adobe Stock depends on your specific needs. If you require high-quality assets for your creative projects, Adobe Stock is definitely worth considering.

What is the use of Adobe Stock?

Adobe Stock is used to provide high-quality assets for various creative projects, including graphic design, web design, advertising campaigns, and corporate presentations.

How much do you make on Adobe Stock?

The amount you make on Adobe Stock depends on the number of your assets sold and the type of license purchased by the buyer. Adobe Stock offers a competitive commission structure for its contributors.

Does Adobe Stock have free images?

Yes, Adobe Stock does offer a limited number of free images. However, the majority of the high-quality, unique images require a purchase or a subscription.

Yes, Adobe Stock images come with a license that gives you the right to use the image while the copyright remains with the artist. The type of license (standard or extended) determines how you can use the image.

How much does Adobe Stock charge per image?

The cost per image on Adobe Stock depends on the type of subscription or credit pack you choose. Individual images can be purchased without a subscription, but subscriptions offer a better value if you need multiple images.

How do I access Adobe Stock images?

You can access Adobe Stock images directly from the Adobe Stock website or through Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Is Adobe Stock real or fake?

Adobe Stock is a legitimate service provided by Adobe Systems. It offers high-quality creative assets for personal and commercial use.

How much for 1 photo from Adobe Stock?

The price for a single image from Adobe Stock depends on the type of license you choose. Standard licenses are less expensive than extended licenses.

Is it worth selling photos on Adobe Stock?

Selling photos on Adobe Stock can be profitable if your images are high quality and meet the needs of Adobe Stock's diverse user base.

Does Adobe have stock photos?

Yes, Adobe provides stock photos through Adobe Stock. The service offers millions of high-quality, royalty-free images.

Does Adobe Creative Cloud include Adobe stock?

Some Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions include a license fee and limited number of Adobe Stock assets. However, full access to Adobe Stock requires an additional subscription.

Do I get Adobe Stock free with Creative Cloud?

Some Creative Cloud subscriptions include a limited number of free Adobe Stock assets per month.

Yes, Adobe Stock is a legal service. All assets provided by Adobe Stock come with a license that ensures legal use.

Do graphic designers use Adobe Stock?

Yes, graphic designers extensively use Adobe Stock for its high-quality assets, which can be easily integrated into their design projects.

How do I get Stock Images in Adobe?

Stock images can be accessed directly through the Adobe Stock website or from within Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

How do I find Adobe stock images?

You can find Adobe Stock images by using the search bar on the Adobe Stock website or from within Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Are Adobe Stock images worth it?

Whether Adobe Stock images are worth it or not depends on your specific needs. If you need high-quality, unique images for your creative projects regularly, Adobe Stock can be a valuable resource.

Adobe Stock photos are not copyright free. They come with a license that gives the user the right to use the photo in specific ways, for royalty free photos while the copyright remains with the artist.

How much does Adobe stock charge per image?

The cost per image on Adobe Stock depends on the type of license and the subscription or credit pack you choose.

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  6. Adobe Stock Subscription Plans
  7. Adobe Stock Pricing
  8. Adobe Stock Pricing Table For Individuals
  9. Adobe Stock Credit Packs
  10. Other Pricing Details
  11. Adobe Stock And Creative Cloud Subscription
  12. Adobe Stock Free Trial
  13. How To Access Adobe Stock In Creative Cloud
  14. Adobe Stock For Graphic Designers
  15. Adobe Stock Library And Quality
  16. Selling On Adobe Stock
  17. Who Is Adobe Stock For?
  18. Adobe Stock For Web Designers
  19. Adobe Stock For Content Creators And Social Media Managers
  20. Adobe Stock For Photographers And Videographers
  21. Adobe Stock For Businesses And Marketing Teams
  22. Deep Dive Into Adobe Stock's Features
  23. Adobe Stock's Search And Discovery Features
  24. Adobe Stock's Integration With Adobe Creative Cloud
  25. Adobe Stock's Licensing And Usage Rights
  26. Tips For Maximizing Your Adobe Stock Experience
  27. Making The Most Of Adobe Stock's Free Assets
  28. Understanding Adobe Stock's Asset Quality
  29. Harnessing Adobe Stock's Search Features
  30. Getting Creative With Adobe Stock's Diverse Assets
  31. Conclusion